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What is a Tourist Visa for Bali?

A B211 Tourist Visa (Single Entry Visa) is for non-Indonesian citizens who wish to visit Indonesia for a short period of time that doesn’t involve paid-working activities.

This visa will allow you a maximum stay of 60 days!

Once issued, the visa must be used to travel to Indonesia within 90 days from the date it has been issued. 

For example, if issued on the 1st February, you have 90 days from the 1st February to enter Indonesia (you must enter by 1st May)
Then you can enjoy your 60 day stay in Indonesia starting from your date of arrival in the country.

A B211A visa can be used for the following:

  • B211A sponsored by Indonesian (individual) considered as a holiday/tourist purpose
  • B211A sponsored by a company can be used for business meetings OR internship 

How to get a tourist visa for Bali?

  • Must be fully vaccinated – (2 x doses, unless the Johnson & Johnson vaccine 1 x dose)
  • Negative Result of PCR Test in English issued by an authorized institution by the government in the home country with validity for 48 hours before your flight
  • Upon arrival in Indonesia, you will need to take another PCR test and are required to undergo quarantine at a hotel that has been determined by the government at your own expense
  • Required to quarantine in Indonesia for 4 nights and 5 days
  • Proof of ownership of health insurance/travel insurance which includes health financing, and/or a statement letter of willingness to pay independently if affected by COVID-19 while in Indonesia
  • Statement letters willing to quarantine at your own expense

Are there different rules for different visas?

With a KITAS or KITAP visa (Limited Stay/Permanent Residence Permit Card / Working VISA) holders. You can enter Indonesia if you have just received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, but when you arrive in Indonesia, you must take the second vaccine. 

This is for those that are not allowed to be vaccinated:

  • Adults above 18 must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter from the hospital informing they are not allowed to be vaccinated
  • Children under 18 are not required to bring a doctor’s letter from the hospital

These are the visas you can get to enter Indonesia:

Quarantine Hotel Options in Bali

Anymore questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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