Иностранцы, путешествующие на Бали, Индонезия, без каких-либо конкретных планов, или те, кто хочет остаться и вести бизнес на Бали, часто сталкиваются препятствиями.

Legal Legends с гордостью помогает вам ориентироваться в сложной индонезийской правовой системе и дает советы и решения для всех трудностей, с которыми вы можете столкнуться, находясь на Бали.

Мы берем на себя ответственность за ваши юридические нужды.

Кто мы такие и почему выбирают именно нас?

Первоначально основанная в 2010 году компания Legal Legends Ball работала под названием Zando Consultants, пока в 2021 году не стала частью Kosong Satu Group и не была переименована в Legal Legends Bali.

За последнее десятилетие мы создали прочную и заслуживающую доверия репутацию визового и юридического консалтингового агенства здесь, на Бали.

Признанный тысячами туристов и экспатов, Legal Legends Bali также предоставляет юридические и иммиграционные услуги многим известным брендам острова.

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Anaïs FavaliChili Rose The Label

Highly recommend their services. The LL team helped me organize all the documents for my kid and I + they are always super fast to answer any of my question. Any change in the law or procedures, they keep me up to date, feeling super safe having them handling our kitas and documents.
Their kindness is obviously a plus ☺️

Sophie Gagné

Legal Legends helped me so much with a visa issue I was having and they got it all sorted out really quick! I really recommend them, they are knowledgeable, fast, efficient and really reactive

Mark Otis ZownirKTO2 Bespoke

I have worked with Hussain and the team for the past 7 years for visas, kitas, company establishment, and just general business consulting. The service has always been professional with timely responses. Navigating the Indonesian regulatory landscape is not easy, but Hussain and the team have continuously made the experience much less stressful than what I hear others deal with.

Blanc Nathalie

I m feeling blessed to had Legal legends by my side during my journey in Bali! visas, house license, anything they have done for me as been simple, easy and efficient. definitely recommend them!

Villa Magena

You guys are real legends! Thanks for my visas, and all official papers I needed to start my dreamy project in Bali. Thank you a thousand times!

Aurélie Vandenborne

Thanks to Legal Legends Bali, I set-up my company Bali Work Group without any headaches or complications. The team is very professional and responsive. I recommend it to everyone trying to set-up a business in Indonesia.

Reza Riazi

Very reliable and professional company. Highly recommended

Gawain BlizzardStudiodrop

I have been living and working in Bali for a good few years now and all my visas have been plain sailing. No problems, easy, responsive and get the job done.

Behtash Shahrokhshahi

Reliable and trustworthy. Good job M.

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