Investor Kitas Offshore

Investor KITAS is for those who invest and/or is a shareholder in a company in Indonesia. Indonesian Investor KITAS offers significant benefits, including ease of application and waiver of work permit fee.

With an Investor KITAS, investors will no longer be required to pay a fee of USD 1,200 every year, if all the investment requirements are met. Once the initial investment has been completed, foreign investors can immediately start working in Indonesia.

  • Indonesian Investor KITAS can be categorised into two types:
  • Index 313: 1-year KITAS
  • Index 314: 2-year KITAS

To qualify for an Investor KITAS, investors are required to have a minimum investment of IDR 1 billion in invested shares and the invested capital of the company has to be over IDR 10 billion.

A newly established company will be able to sponsor the investors upon receiving the business registration number (Nomor Induk Berusaha – NIB) and business licenses (Izin Usaha).

For businesses that are already up and running, necessary licenses can be applied directly through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system.

Services Investor Kitas

IDR 14.500.000


  • The KITAS is valid for 5 years
  • Investor KITAS is for those who invest and/or is a shareholder in a company in Indonesia
  • Each year the visa will need to be extended. There is no need to leave the country to arrange the yearly extensions.


    • The documents of Business License (PMA)
    • Copy ID of companion (Bali Immigration need Balinese ID Card)
    • 10 pieces of Letter Head of the PT or PMA
    • Official stamp of the PT or PMA
    • Copy of passport and minimum validity 32 months (Can change anytime), view here
    • Copy of last 3 months bank statements
    • Photograph 3×4 with red background = 4 pcs
    • Complete address in Indonesia
    • Statement letter (we have the draft, you just need to fill in the information and sign – click here)
    • Additional Requirements to Enter Indonesia During Covid-19 Pandemic –click here


  • Visa processing time approx. 2  months


  • Investor e-Visa, e-KITAS, MERP (Multiple-entry/exit) (Valid for 2 Years): IDR 14.500.000
  • Annual Extension: IDR 15.000.000 (If no price change)
  • Exit Permit Only (EPO): IDR 1.000.000 (for cancellation of the KITAS)


  • Express Service for KITAS Arrangement in Immigration Office: IDR 1.500.000 (for 2 weeks completion )


  • Yearly extension should be arranged minimum 2 months before expiry date of the KITAS